Filters in Portfolio on kite

Hi zerodha team,

First of all, kudos to the team for Kite, it is such a wonderful app. But as they say there is always room for improvement.

I request the zerodha team to kindly incorporate the filters option in Portfolio tab in kite App. In filters there is only one option “kite” .

Like if someone wants to know among his/her portfolio -

  • sector wise performance,
  • all stocks with profit,
  • stocks with more than 20% profit or so,
  • all stocks with loss,
  • stocks with more than 20% loss, etc.

These are the basic filters. There can be n number of filters. Hence custom filters can also be incorporated.
These filters enables the investor to know the profitable stocks, loss making stocks, it also helps in decision making to sell some stock etc.

@zerodha team @nithin – what do you think about it.

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Have you seen the holding page on Console?

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@nithin Exactly my point. It is available on Console and NOT ON KITE. But we trade on kite and not on console. So everytime we have to go on console to apply filters and see results. It would be great if filter option is incorporated in Kite app as well. It is already there but with “kite” option which remove smallcases holdings.

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Yes, we need atleast few more options, like day’s percentage change, will be very beneficial

Also, when you apply filter its disappear after refreshing. Filter should be saved until I change it manually. And at least there should be two filter “kite” and “non-kite”.