Filters required for shortlisting MFs

Hey @NithinKamath , it will be great if you introduce an option to shortlist mutual funds via simple dropdowns or filters. You may wish to include basic metrics like -

  • Minimum investment (very important)
  • Launch date (<6 months, 1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr, > 3 yr)
  • Dividend payout (?)
  • Open ended or closed
  • Exit load
  • Expense ratio
  • 1yr, 3yr, 5 yr return
  • ELSS or Non-ELSS
  • Total AUM
  • MF Rank if available

Something similar to this one


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Hey @nithin, would appreciate a reply on this. This feature is pretty simple, isnt it?

Yep, this is on our list of things to do.

Till then you can use
Looks and works very well for me!

Hey @nithin, Good morning. Revisiting this thread after more than 2 years!

A few of my referees (who have just started working) have complained that most of the funds they choose have minimum investment as 5k. Yes, 5k is actually a big deal! What I have suggested is to use other websites to filter out/ select the right MFs and then use Coin.

Also, the exit load, expense ratio, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y %s are surprising different across different platform causing more confusion.

Again reiterating, this feature is pretty simple, isnt it? Any thoughts? Is it still on your roadmap?

Coin app is just bare bones, needs lots of futures and some (like sorting of MF according to AUM, exit load, expense ratio, returns over years) are necessary, disappointing that Zerodha doesn’t pay enough attention to improving Coin app.

We came out with new version of coin which is in alpha testing, should release out soon for beta with more additions.


thanks for you reply Siva :slight_smile:

Can you please mention the scheme/schemes in which you have found this discrepancy?

and If possible displaying ISIN details on the fund snapshot in coin will be a good one.

Unless the info adds value to an investor, showing it would just add clutter. This is the first time someone has asked us to show MF ISNIN :slight_smile:

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@django I agree… Hey @Bhuvanesh In my opinion, ISIN is a very important feature. I write options using the margin benefit from pledging stocks/ ETFs/ MFs.

This link was shared, and this contains all possible MFs to pledge.

Now how should one use this information on Coin?

The names arent uniform across the sheets/ URLs and hence the confusion.

The scheme names are the same, aren’t they? Growth plans of the liquid funds mentioned.