Financial Resources, from where to get?

So I have been trying to follow the markets for some time now as well studying it.
While I don’t really have a problem understanding the the financial jargons as such (being a CA student helps in that regards), I feel like something is missing from my routine for the same.
Can you suggest me some of your favourite blogs, articles, newsletters, authors that you follow to get updated with anything and everything that is happening around the world of finance.
Thanks you for taking out your time and replying :slight_smile:

P.S. I am not really big on podcasts or youtube channels, but could give it a try


There’s no one resource. For basics, zerodha varsity is the best. For slightly more advanced stuff, follow foreign fintwit and news websites like Bloomberg and MarketWatch.

Thanks for replying.
I have been following Varsity and Bloomberg for some time now, But what I was looking for is maybe regular statutory updates, market updates, etc on my email (preferably)

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There are many newletter. Almost all news provider will have a newsletter.
You can check it out in their respective websites.

Check out Pulse from zerodha. This site compiles all the business news in one site.

Thanks, will check them out :slight_smile:

Thanks, will see into it :slight_smile: