First day of trading profit 😁

Today I got first time profile (5.5₹) [tech Mahindra] after 2-3 day of trading losses (23₹) today I m so happy :sob::fist:

Trading is so hard im investor I earn 1k but in training in 2 months 35₹ loss

What should I do?


To learn more about markets, you can read Varsity:

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GO ahead

Congratulations on making profit! My best regards to you on that. If you want an advice, losses are a part of winning the game, Millionaires lose thousands of dollars before becoming one and Billionaires lose millions of dollars before becoming one. So don’t let losses get to your head and force you to give up. Losses are in fact good as long as you learn from them. Keep learning and growing!

Wish you all the best!

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