First time e-filing zerodha quicko

@Quicko Sir,
I don’t know much about taxation. My total income is below taxable limit around Rs.2.4 lakhs. I would like to file ITR 3 by clicking quicko link from zerodha console. My main income are LTCG and STCG. I do only small amount of intraday trading. So i need to show LTCG and STCG under capital gain and not business income. Rs.2750 TDS was deducted from dividend income. Its shown in AIS. Do i have to do anything to get TDS refund? I have small amount of agricultural income. Can i declare agricultural income by entering Rs.20000 under Gross Agricultural receipts (other than income to be excluded under
rules 7A, 7B or 8) and Rs.10000 under Expenditure incurred on agriculture and Rs.10000 under Net Agricultural income for the year. If yes please tell tell links i have to click to enter those details. If i enter those data will i have to enter more details? I am recieving Rs.6000 per year from govt. under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Tax payers are not eligible to recieve PM Kisan Samman Nidhi money. Will i stop recieving money if i file tax returns? I am holding few shares of some delisted companies in my DP. Will in have to declare shares of those worthless companies?

Hi @MR3929

Since you have LTCG & STCG you should report those incomes under Capital Gains Head, but if your intention of entering into equity transactions was doing business then you can show the same as business income. Also, you have dividend income on which TDS is deducted, you can file your ITR to claim credit of the same.

Yes, you can show ₹20,000 under gross agricultural receipts and ₹10,000 under expenditure, it will calculate ₹10,000 as net agricultural income. Since agricultural income is not supported on Quicko you can use ITD utility for the same. Yes, you will be required to enter the details of agricultural land like address, area, etc.

Any individual who filed income tax in the previous Assessment Year (AY) or his/her family is not eligible to receive Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. So, you will stop receiving the money under the stated scheme.

Yes, you need to report the shares of delisted companies held by you during the year.