"Fixed Deposit or Liquid Funds " - Where we have to invest our monthly surplus saving?


Hi ,
I am a person who is keeping salary into Bank Account for long duration, [and I hope 90% will be like me] and on name of investment , I did some fixed deposit [and I hope 80% will also do same].
But once topic came as "How much return will I get " then main headache started.

As I read this nice article on money control http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/personal-finance/fixed-deposits-or-liquid-funds-where-to-park-your-surplus-for-steady-returns-2505797.html
what’s your point of view on this?
How much we have to put into Liquid funds , how to decide and how to invest ?
Please guide me.
Your all small big tips and suggestions are welcome here.




you can check here https://www.valueresearchonline.com/funds/repcard.asp?order=desc&type=1&objective=1&returns=R1Year&x=7&y=7

Not much better than F.Ds.

Mantra is simple,

  1. if you want guaranteed income monthly go for F.Ds.
  2. if you want no market risk and create long term wealth go for short term debt MF
  3. if you want to take market risk for higher returns and long term wealth , go for Midcap Equity MFs.