Fixed Deposit Vs Mutual Fund - Which one to choose?

Hi All ,
My conditions is like below :-
I have one policy in which I have to pay 99000 INR per year for 10 years.
Now I am have 3 options .

  1. Put 99000 INR per year to my saving account and get some kind of small intrest from bank and pay in last of every year to particular policies.
    In this , There will be no any risk and will get some return also.
  2. Put 99000 INR FD and will get more return compare to Bank saving intrest and pay in last of every year to particular policies.
    In this, I will get little bit more intrest compare to condition 1 and also a safe side.
  3. Buy some MUTUAL FUND , and get some good returns. But Problem is how to find and calculate how much return will I get in last by which I can secure my policies payment…

Please suggest something, which will help me to manage my amount logically in good way.

Thanks in advance.

You are on and Don’t you wanna Invest in Stocks directly for long term?

Invest in bank fixed deposits.

I invested some amount in stocks which is currently very low but will invest some amount in periodically order.
But as you know, we can’t assure in stocks that we will get return in fixed at fix time… So I am little bit confuse to be on stock directly.

What’s about Mutual Fund. ?

This is the Beauty of stock market.
You can make Good return in few months which you will get in years from fixed deposit or any other methods of Investing.

All you need is to identify Good Stock.

I’ll give an example of 3 stock.

  1. Yes bank
    Just 20 (Trading sessions) days Back Stock was Trading at 310.
    Now at 349.

  2. PC Jeweller
    Just 20 (Trading sessions) days Back Stock was Trading at 450.
    Now at 587.

  3. Tec Mahindra
    Just 20 (Trading sessions) days Back Stock was Trading at 490.
    Now at 552.

And There are many more Although I was tracking these and were taking continues Intraday Trades in these Stocks.

You could have made Good return in Just 20 (Trading sessions) days.
All you need is Some knowledge of stock market and identification of Good Stock and diversification.

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Yes Stock trading is just awesome… But as initial way is there any way to identify stocks?
That’s also a big issue ?

Hello @nandan_priya If you are okay with 10-12% annual returns, then you can invest in good nifty 50 stocks for long term. The ‘good’ word here means fundamentally sound companies. Companies that are in profit and would exist in future continuing the same run. Another way to earn is investing in mutual funds where a professional person handles your money. I’d say you should invest some money in individual stocks and some in mutual funds.
Here is my list of stocks where the risk is low( but you can expect more returns than fd obviously):
Yes Bank
Hdfc bank
Interglobe Aviation
Asian Paints, etc.
You may invest in small cap, large cap, index or balanced mutual funds.
Small cap and midcap carries very high risk, large cap-moderate, index-moderate, balanced-low risk.
If you are willing to take more risk, then you may add some small and midcap stocks in your portfolio.

Hi Mac,
Thanks for reply.
Ok Can you please give me information in detail about CNC order.
Suppose I took YES BANK - 5 shares - 349.35 INR Per share - it means I have to use [349.35*5] = 1746.75 INR.
So in next day Margin Statement -> It will show that I paid 1746.75 INR.
Buy what will happen when I will sell my YES BANK - 5 shares - at 350 INR per share after 6 months.
Again I have to pay tax or something on my sell.
Please tell me.

You can use this calculator(Select Equity delivery) to see how much taxes you need to pay on the trade.

You don’t need to wait for 6 months for getting 350.
A 350rs stock can easily move 5-10rs on a single day. When you buy shares, you need to keep a higher target(as you are an investor, not trader). I see Yes Bank above 400 easily in 2018.
So here’s what you’ll get if you sell it at Rs.400

Your profit will be Rs.249

Ok Thanks I got your concept… I checked that before but wanna to re-check with other so I asked.

Being a beginner it’s not possible to pay your yearly bills, by getting returns from stocks or mutual funds.

So FD is the best option

corporate bonds

Do you mean BOND which launch by GOV on some specific projects ?


Hi Nandan, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems you are fairly new to the stock market. If that be the case, invest in a good blue chip mutual fund and in FD (decide the ratio) instead of trying to dabble in the stock market for now.

To your question of how to pick a stock please read One up on the Wall Street and Beating the street by Peter Lynch. Both books are brilliant to help you understand stocks as an investment option.

Currently . SBI BLUE CHIP DIRECT is in my portfolio with 2500 INR monthly… Thinking to invest little bit more in SBI BLUE CHIP .

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Thansk … Checked…