Flat fee Brokers offering Leverage in equity delivery cnc

I am not a full-time trader. I have other accounts for investor profile. I am looking for Flat fee broker offering following specific requirements:

  1. Shares as Margin for delivery CNC
  2. Leverage for delivery CNC
  3. Convert intraday into CNC
  4. BTST (optional)

After lots of googling. Following are the ones.
Wisdom capital
Samco {Cashplus)

Currently skimming through their reviews. All are charging 18% per annum.

Are there anyother broker? If anyone can share your experience in doing the above strategies ( brokerage, interest, other charges etc)

Position conversion is available at Zerodha. BTST is buying today and selling tomorrow, all brokers allow it. Margin lending against shares will start soon at Zerodha but no leverage will be provided for CNC trades, this will require full cash.

Also, delivery trades are free at Zerodha. No flat fee, it’s free.

zerodha sees the risk- return ratio for both broker as well as for the customer. Here in zerodha we dont even want us to get into debit and neither we want our clients face the problem but soon we are providing money lending.
HAPPY TRADING AND SAFE TRADING. :slightly_smiling_face: