For calculation of charges in CNC, which price will be considered?

Sometimes I do use CNC product code for buying and selling within intraday several times.

Since I close the positions of CNC in intraday itself, it will be considered as intraday charges.

After matching buy and sell quantities, the remaining quantity either buy or sell will be taken as delivery trade.

In that case which price is considered as base price for calculation of CNC charges?

  1. The ones which I used CNC code (I have done several CNC codes, so cannot point any single one)?

  2. The one which I used last as CNC code in that particular scrip

  3. The average buy price and sell price for the whole day for the same scrip including all MIS CO CNC etc

  4. The average buy or sell price in which I used CNC code

If I calculate all these 4 charges are slightly different.

So please point out which one is correct?

CNC,MIS,NRML - these are all product codes used by brokers… There is nothing called CNC,MIS,NRML at the Exchange… So if you buy & sell using CNC in the same day, its still considered an intraday trade…

Let’s assume that you’ve done several Intraday trades and a delivery trade in the same scrip. For eg: Let’s consider you’ve bought 1200 shares of TATA Steel and sold 950 shares. You can divide the trades as:

  1. Intraday trade - 950 bought and 950 sold

  2. Delivery trade - 250 bought

The only charge that differs based on whether its an Intraday trade or a delivery trade is the STT. If you see, all other charges like transaction charges, Stamp charges, SEBI charges, they are the same regardless of whether your trade is Intraday/Delivery.

About how STT is computed, its explained here:


This is quite different than what I have expected.
Thanks Venu.