For F&O or STCG ITR returns, can we claim Investment courses as "expenses"

For F&O or STCG ITR returns, can we claim Investment/trading courses as “expenses”?


Hi @Nev_C, you can claim all the expenses directly connected to the trading income like books, subscriptions, internet, professional & legal fees, etc. Make sure the expenses incurred should be wholly and exclusively in relation to business and professional income.

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What about asset expenses? E.g I brought a smartphone that I use for trading purpose. Can I show it fully under expenses?

In this article or anywhere in the internet space, I have not got this clear reply. Can courses that we take online, say for e.g Rachana Ranade courses which is related to Stock market. Can we claim this here? Just to add, I am a salaried person.

Did you try asking Rachana Ranade herself? She is a CA, and this must be something that her students have asked her already.

@Nev_C, if you have taken the course to learn trading you can claim it since it will be classified as a business expense.