For long term investing

Hai all i am a new person to this community i want to know on what basis can i select a stock for long term and how to filter it

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Hey syedibu
There are multiple avenues if you want to be a long term investor. If you don’t like following stocks then you can invest in index funds(in most cases even experts fail to beat the index). So buying the index would be a great option.

If you are interested in stock market, there are two religions :stuck_out_tongue:

Fundamentals and technicals

Fundamentals:- value investing(the Warren Buffett way). Tracks fundamentally strong companies( eg:- wether company has durable competitive advantage over peers, great management, better earnings, cash flows, less debt more assets etc). Based on past cash flows, we predict the future cash flows and calculate the intrinsic value of the company.
We always buy fundamentally strong companies which are below their intrinsic value. The main ethos of this buy and hold strategy is buy like you are a owner of company and never sell it unless and until something fundamental changes drastically.

Cons(in my perspective):- you will have deep drawdowns, it will be emotionally hard to follow, at times of market irrationality stupid stocks outperform your strategy, so it would be really hard to follow your rules by those periods, but yeah no one became rich by doging their strategies.

There are many ways you can invest through fundamentals, but value investing has the best recent track record.

Momentum the primer anomaly, yeah momentum is a anomaly in the market which you can employ. Momentum as a anomaly has existed for 200 years in the market and will continue to exit, primarily because of human behaviour.

So momentum investing is basically ranking stocks on how well their price have increased over a period of time. We buy from the top and rebalance our portfolio regularly. This approach is similar to trend following. Buy high sell higher.

These two examples are few things I could think of. Important—>” remember anything doesn’t work all the time in the markets. There are million ways to make money in the market, but there is nothing that can make you risk free money every time. Sometimes your strategy does make money, sometimes it doesn’t. The key is to stick to your strategy and not get lost on the way.”

So I would suggest you to explore a lot of options and use something that suits you, which you are comfortable with, which you believe in.

Thanking you for your kind reply @hari_kannan

Yes I agree, Index investing would be the right way to go forward. Before you start investing in index stocks, look at the Nifty 50 companies that you will be buying, and check out the companies in detail, the companies will be based on sectors and you will get an idea of the stocks you will be buying. This will give you added comfort.

The bank where you have an account could be in the Index. The day to day products you use could be in. Gives you a better perception.

If you have a demat account, then try to read about Index ETF.

Take an informed decision and invest.