For people crying about lack of Volume and comparing India with Foreign Exchanges?

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I think half of the rise could be attributed to corporate tax cut :joy:

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Still great and in the future if retail participation rises it would increase further but in terms of value (MC) we are still far behind and it would take some time to catch on…

Just imagine what will happen once the hedged margins go down…

This is good

However… Foreign markets are far superior in terms of liquidity… They have weeklies on individual stocks also…

So this stat that we have the most liquid derivatives market is not of much practical use…

No body beats the US Options market man… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As well as well defined risk management systems and regulatory requirements, leaving traders to worry more about their strategies instead of every possible thing that could go wrong.

SEBI I believe is not in good hands and needs an internal image makeover.

We should not forget that FII participation is inversely related to FDI in India.

The indices are now a barometer of the overvalued 7 stocks instead of representing the majority of the economic landscape.

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Though I can agree on your other points your rationalization of more volume in the derivative market not having practical use beats me and I don’t understand how one can have more liquidity in the derivative segment without having more volume… :roll_eyes:

It’s very good that for some people who were still in doubt the stocks of Indians really trade so much on that level anyway. I do not clearly understand what does it mean in reality. Care to share something with us? Something more and why you found this right now?