Foreign investor shorting record high

isliye mrkt no coming upar

FII Index short position now exceeds it’s COVID record.
FII Index shorts at 215000 contracts Vs COVID peak of 209000 contracts.

Long-to-short ratio also at multi year lows.


Considering the short interest that FIIs have currently, we have done farely well atleast at index level

Why are analysts thinking that record number of shorts are good & a rally is due ?

I could not really relate - what am i missing?

Mean reversion

Anytime we see the term record longs or shorts, majority of us expect a reversal. But will the move come that quickly? I have my doubts this tym

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my god ! the media houses are crazy - they are just prepping retail…

short covering is only a low probability outcome. Whoever has taken the shorts would be knowledgeable enough to defend this position.

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And my longs are at record high. :sob::sob::sob:

At 18500 I was having 44percent exposure to equity. Now it stands at 86percent. :ok_man:

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Jason Contrariano :grin:


Jason goes to Omaha to meet Warren Buffett, stands in front of Buffet’s house.

Jason - Mr. Buffett I am Jason and I want to meet you.

Buffett - A lot of people want to meet me, what makes you special that I invite you inside.

Jason - We both are alike.

Buffett - How so?

Jason - I practice your philosophy.

Buffett - I’ve got so much philosophy that no retail investor can follow, what is that you do?

Jason - Fear, greed, blood in the streets, all that.

Buffett - Come on in.


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It will come when everyone’s given up.


Recently, at the time of rollover, the next month’s nifty futures contract usually has over 100 points of premium. More than $60 premium per contract.

And it is not like the FPIs are maintaining their margin or trading account balances with liquid cash funding.

FPIs have unlimited sources of margin credits to their trading accounts: their own portfolio pledges, pnotes, bank guarantees, you name it, and they have it ready over a phone call from Mauritius, Singapore, or the Virgin Islands.

With interest-free unlimited margin credits at will and a $60 premium of Nifty Futures over the Nifty ETF, I will perpetually be short in Nifty Futures and long on its ETF and roll it over each month.

what does a rollover mean if every month is $60 premium?

it means unable to encash right

In my example, the margin was considered as a fictional element and an unlimited resource, while the premium settlement in cash is real and withdrawn.

I think the latest participant data very much concludes this as happened in today’s session.

Man , you are gonna make a killing soon

I hope so :smiling_face:
I do sell at higher levels as well. So may not make that big also. Last I added was at 16850. So I will start booking at 17300 and every 200 points after that. So when nifty reaches 20k I will get it back around 45 percent again.

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You Jinxed it :stuck_out_tongue: market taking reversal from top

Yes. But it’s fine. I had finished selling 17300 call by then. :grimacing::grimacing:

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