Form 10DB in Zerodha

From where can we get Form 10DB Statement in Zerodha?

I have a income tax scrutiny and my assessing officer is insisting on Form 10DB. The statement is easier to download for other stock brokers but i cannot find any online location to download it.

Any help pls.

You can email support@zerodha along with your client ID for this. We can generate the report and email it to you.

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@ karthik
I have been asked by the Income Tax Department to submit Form 10DB and Broker Ledger and codewise computation for FY 15-16. I sent the mail to support team and they say that form 10DB is redundant and to download Tax P/L from

Console website has the tax P/L only for latest two years. How do I get the tax P/L for FY 15-16? And what if assessing officer does not agree that form 10DB is redundant?

Pooja Modi

I have also been regularly asked for form 10db for IT scrutiny. From the assessing officer’s viewpoint, it is non-negotiable. One HAS TO PROVIDE it.

The last time I had asked zerodha support to provide it to me, they said that their systems are not ready to generate it for trades done on BSE. So I only got my from10db for nse. Luckily I had less than 5 bse trades that year and could explain it to the officer.

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