Forward Earnings - 16x F23e P/E how is this calculated

. Today, when I was reading money control on ITC,

“valuation at 16x F23e P/E are undemanding”

What does the above statement mean, is it forward earning estimation. Any idea how is this calculated. Is this info available for each and every company

Price to earning = Current market price of the stock / Current Earning per share.

For example, ITC’s -

Earning per share or EPS (March 2021) = 10.69
Stock price = 209

PE = 209/10.69
= 19.55

This means, for every 1 Rupee of real earning (in terms of profits), we are paying 19.55 times (expressed as 19.55x) for its share price.

If you expect the EPS to improve to 12, by March 2022, then the PE will change to -

= 209/12
= 17.4

Since we are considering '22’s estimated EPS, this is called forward earning and forward PE.

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