Forward testing this strategy next week


My commitment to do an activity increases if i share it with others. thus sharing my idea which i am going to forward test next week. will also keep you posted with results.

open a chart
analyse trend, if up then simply buy at market with SL 1 ATR of 15 mins timeframe and target 2 ATR.
all setups will be intraday
will take only 4 setups a day between 9.30 and 9.45 am
position - 0.25 percent of capital per trade
i.e. daily risk 1 percent of capital


On which time frame would you identify the trend?


15 mins timeframe


My only suggestion here would be - to analyse Daily time frame at EOD and take only those entries where the price is not in corrective phase (pullback) on daily chart. Your odds will increase.


thanks, i appreciate your suggestion. i shall try this too


today’s update - 1 stop, 1 target, 2 intraday exit at 3.20 at a small loss


@RahulN Please provide stock name entry and exit levels and time.


today 3 stops one target



You have to give details of stocks
Entry price, stop loss limit and target.

If you say 3 stop loss and one target. What is the use of it ?

If you post those details we Can see what went wrong.