Found a few shares that my father bought

Hey ,
I have found a few share certificates that my late father bought . It doesn’t have any nominee mentioned. How do I get them transferred and dematerialised now . Key inputs required please

(1) find out from bse /nse website if the companies are listed and market price. (2) the same websites will give you contact detail of registrar . download the required document for TRANSMISSION OF SHARES like affidavit , indemnity bond , surety , noc of other legal hairs and have these documents duly executed on required stamp papers. (3) if the market value of your holding in a company is rs 2 lakh or more you will need a succession certificate also .(4) send all these documents to registrar along with true copy of Death certificate , original share certificates and your request application for transmission of shares in your favor.
If the documents are in order it take about 45 days for registrar to do the needful .