Free Data Source for Amibroker?


Can someone help with any free data sources for Amibroker?


@mrsukesh Hello,

If you have NSE NOW/NEST Terminal with RTD license than you can use free tick by tick with 15 days Backfill.

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You will get end of the day data for equities, indices and futures.

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Thanks for the information. Can i request you to give a little more details on this?
What is RTD licence?
Also i believe Zerodha can be used on NEST as well, is that enough?


Thanks. I can get the end of day data here, is there any real time free feed available?


“Planning to scavenge free stuff to make money from trading ? The journey is going to be short lived, for sure.”


Dear mrsukesh,

For any data, it is better to go with a reliable data provider which will obviously cost you money. Better to pay for quality data, have peace of mind and concentrate on trading.

When I started my journey, just a year ago, just like you, tried many free sources but at the end found the data to be not reliable when compared with NSE data. Wasted lot of time trying five to six different low quality data providers and at the end found myself to be manually updating, correcting and verifying my data, which was painful. I was trying to be penny wise, pound foolish.

Right now, I use Global data feeds which is the best I could get so far. But will cost you money. Remember good things in life comes with a premium.

If you are starting out, I would suggest you to stick to Zerodha charts. Once you are profitable, need more sophistication and if you can afford the overheads then you may opt for premium paid services. My pick would be Global data feeds.

Even getbhavcopy had some issues with open interests when I used. And to my knowledge, the data is not adjusted for corporate actions.

Good luck

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Yes, If you have NEST TRADING ID with link to EXCEL activated than you can use this FREE.

here is the link

JUST download RTD_1.60_Setup.exe
AND YES it is accurate to NSE data as it TICK by your trade TERMINAL.

ENJOY :slight_smile:


The free source is not reliable if you are serious on your trading than go for some authorized NSE data vendors like GFEL or Accelpix.
You will get the best quality data and service both with the legal data provider.

Yes BUT many of us not like to PAY for data feed & its not BAD the above free feed has 15 Days 1min BACKUP Also.

I personally not find any error working smooth.


It depends on what kind of strategy you use.

if you use ONLY technical indicator go with any free data.

if you use pure price action(OHLC, prev day OHLC.etc) then go with paid data service.

Note : you cannot even use zerodha trading view if you want correct OHLC data. you have no choice but to use paid data service.

I have used Free Data Feeds initially when I had started my trading 5 years back and have faced so many loses because of chart repainting. I never know about this chart GUFF UP. That’s why I preferred to go with Authorized Data Vendor from NSE or MCX in my day to day trading and concentrate in my trading rather then find the accuracy in chart.


The dropbox link appears to be broken. Could you please share a working link?


Dear @mrsukesh,

Just Download 3 Files mention by me UNDER RTD folder that’s it.
You can download Instruction Video .

ENJOY. :slight_smile: