Friday night updates from SEBI


On every friday night, Sebi comes up with an update regarding policies and regulations and this is happening for the last several weeks.

Lets see whats going to be on today’s update…


Today they will announce The BAZAAR movie release dates.


Nice attitude… ur attitude determines ur altitude


Waiting for the same result by SEBI



Here you go -

Happy reading…!!


Net client level losses after considering applicable margins and hedged
positions, if any based on the holdings provided by depositories, shall be

Can somebody please explain this? I didnt understand this.
Did the methodology to compute net account loss change ?
@siva @nithin


basically if ur net loss is Rs.25 crores and more, 50% of the loss
in excess of Rs.25 crores shall be levied as Additional Margins.
dont worry it is for HNI only not for us retail traders unless u r one of them.



Old news thou. Incidents like this would have made SEBI to come up with ITR and net worth rule.


I think they have already implemented some 10% temporary filters for F&O stocks during pre-open from this week.

All 3 OMC’s were stuck at or near -10% during pre-open.






Check out some details posted in this link:



This networth is for direct members of exchanges. Not for us “clients” of these members(brokers). Isnt it ?


yes, you’re right.


Will this act as a trap for tax evaders?


All these are eyewash. Does SEBI & NSW don’t know who is rigging smallcaps and midcaps?