Friday night updates from SEBI


Affordability Index is insanity !
I cant believe this is happening.

Investors’ exposure to equity markets will not be capped based on their verifiable financial sources and the information will be used solely for surveillance purposes, according to SEBI.



Thanks for providing latest information on the SEBI…!


Will this be available for trading in Zerodha from Oct 26


,a CA told that my turnover is 5Crores which is actually contract turnover wheere 90K losses so tax audit has to be done and they do tax audits for all traders like me and earn 15K fees for all audits pls



It looks like the extended trading hours for markets would be implemented asap as the 4-6 weeks timeline sought by the brokers (for back testing of their software product) during sep 18 SEBI meet is nearing its deadline.


No, that’s the trading session for gold ETFs on November 5, till 7 pm on the occasion of Dhanteras.
Decision on extented trading hours - for equity, has been postponed. Brokers are opposing it.


Then why does SEBI conduct a mock trading today… Think about it…


Check out NSE website (under circulars) for more details


Mock trading happens regularly



Does this mean extended hours trading is coming into effect from December start?


I still believe extended trading hours might come into effect from 3rd December…





Thanks @Raz for these updates.