Friday night updates from SEBI

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I find that this is great post, and you are really making effort to keep us informed. I read regularly. As regulation is changing relatively swiftly so new opportunities for making money emerge


I never thought such a day would come. It looks like the brokers and exchanges are hurting. Anyways atleast they are considering.

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Have a look. :slight_smile:


SEBI asks NSE, BSE to limit sectoral weightage: Report
SEBI is concerned about the financial sector’s increasing weight in benchmark indices since financial stocks dropped post the loan default by IL&FS


I personally thought three year earlier of what SEBI concerned now, I wish completely remove BANKING sector out of NIFTY50 or make weightage between 15-20%.



10-year jail for buying, selling cryptocurrency in India: Report
Selling, buying and/or mining cryptocurrencies will be considered a non-bailable offence, according to the new bill.

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Meanwhile SEBI’s foreign counterparts have been allowed to launched EMini micro.

A snippet from the link below:

  • Micro E-mini equity index futures, launched May 6, averaged 489,000 contracts per day in May, and traded nearly 9.3 million contracts in total volume – the most successful product launch ever at CME Group
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