From september '21 onwards will we be able to short stocks?

So AFAIK from sept '21 margin trading is going to end. Does that mean no short selling in Intraday will be allowed ?

You’ll be able to short sell in equity segment on intraday basis just like you do now. No changes.

The changes are with regards to margin requirements. So from September 2021, the leverage offered for intraday trading isn’t going to stop. It’ll only be capped at maximum 5x in equity segment, while in F&O there will be no leverage and you’ll need full SPAN + Exposure margin.

I think Equity Intraday short selling is allowed but no idea for F&O from sep 2021 onwards.

Take it like this that Rule is not about what trade will be allowed or not, rule is about how much money or margin will be needed to execute the trade.