From where can i get reliable and economical real time data feed

For Zerodha users both these offer deals


Neotrade Analytics

Thanks Nithin.


We at Neotrade Analytics, provide reliable/economical real time data feeds to Amibroker, Metastock and Ninjatrader.

Please visit our chat support through between 8.30am to 5pm or contact us on +918494949433. Our team will help you out.



Now a days mostly all the website providing real time data feed, but for more perfection you need to go with NSEIndia, Google finance, Yahoo finance etc . These are most useful website to get the real time data, you can get real time on your website also by using RSS feed. Right now I checked my real time data at, this feed also help a lot to check the market condition. Right now market movement is slow.

Brother, I using RTDS service for last few months all their data updates in real time and provide support for amibroker and metsatock also and happy using their subscription…

you can surely go for it…

is there a datafeed for cash segment ??

Hi Jagdeesh,
We provide NSE FNO and NSE CDS segments only.

Hi Vivith,

what is the time difference from neotradeanalytics which we can see from Google Fiance or Yahoo Fianance?