From where do we get what we earn in market..?

Every day people buy and sell shares in the stock market. But for somebody to take out some money out of market from someone It has to come. I think when net buyers in market are more than net sellers in the market we can take out money out of the market. This condition is valid till trading is going on in any stock.
Assuming suppose 100 people have come in market to sell a fix number of shares and on the other side 100 people have come in market to buy same quantity of shares at offered price. In this case sellers can get money out of the market is only when the buyers outnumber their offering.
Here these buyers can be intra day buyers but considering the fact that intra day buyers will be selling their positions by end of the day, to end up in net profit for all intra day traders there has to be someone who is willing to take out that stock from them, so delivery buyers has to be more than the intra day sellers at the end of the the day.
This can lead to one understanding, that until the net delivery buyers for a stock are not present in the market there can be no profit for all intra day traders or any seller of stocks etc.
This also shows that demand for a stock reflects in its rising price means consistent availability of stock buyers for same scrip.
The delivery buyers of shares are the main source of income for intra day and short term traders and delivery can be more for the stock for which future prospect or expectations are more. The delivery of any share can thus indicate future expectations for a share.

Thank you very much for reading me please correct me for my errors in understanding.

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