From which week or date premium pricess are falling down in options

Is the prices of call/put are falling down in 3-4 week, what to do in this period buy next months options or they also falling down in 3-4 week.

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The fall or rise in option premium is basically on 2 conditions 

1. Price movement of the particular underlying &

2. Time value.

 So for eg, Now spot Nifty is @ 7897, NIFTY 8000 CE will have certain premium which includes the time value, as nifty rise near to 8000, the premium will also rise & vice versa. For the same strike price next series will have more premium is mainly because of time value i.e time to expiry. Regarding the trade, its your decision whether to take the next month options or the present . Alternatively, even you can write the present month options. Read more on writing options here . 


i think this well written article will help you....