Fully Automated Tradiing


       I am already using fully automated trading platform with other broker ( I dont mind naming it, its IIFL). They have tie up with a algo platform providing company which has two tier architecture platform. They have connectivity through Amibroker ( very similar to what zerodha has with Pi-Bridge) and also they have a Execution level platform (Java / C++ based) which further fires order to the exchange. This is pure execution level platform which is connected to brokers RMS. I have found this suitable because I have also accomodated some execution level logic in this platform. As I checked up with them, they have connectivity with Omnesys for RMS. I just want to know if I can connect this entire setup to trade with Zerodha.



If I am not wrong IIFL has tied up with Symphony Presto for Auto Trading. When I last contacted them, they support only limited brokers which does not include Zerodha. Check out below link for some other Auto Trading options:

Yes. Its with Presto from Symphony. As per my talks with them, they can do the neccesarry changes in their platform and get it connected with Zerodha on specific client requirement. In this case entire platform will be connected to zerodha OMS / RMS and orders will be placed by their platform to your OMS.
The necessary APIs will be ammended by them to do so. Pls confirm Zerodha flexibility.