Fully Automatic Trading

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Is it possible to convert the trade script to a fully automated mode. That is whenever the signal is generated the trade has to be booked automatically, without any intervention.

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hElLO tRaDeR,

Automated trading is not possible with tradescript or Pi.

The tradescript codes generates a trade alert, when your script conditions are met.

On receiving the alert you need to manually place the order.

Legally, as of now, to automate any trades on NSE without manual intervention, you need to submit your trading strategy and get it approved from the exchange.

automate trade sucks as i see algos.the buying signal come after the price move and u just buy at high ans sell signal come after it alrady gone down . feels cheated by algos lel

Thanks for sharing your input… How to trade automatically? Heard we cant’ do it In PI… What are you using to do automatic trading?

Hi, you can use this chrome plugin .
I created it and have been using for myself personally, thought of sharing it with other fellow traders, hope it helps :slight_smile:

  1. Install the plugin(keep updating to latest version frequently)
  2. Log into kite in chrome
  3. Open new tab in chrome and log into Streak
  4. Deploy your strategy and sit back and watch, make sure not to close the browser or close chrome.
    Cheers !

Through API we can do fully automated.