Fun with tipster - very funny

Couple of days back, I registered myself with one of the discount broker for call back just to understand their new features. After a day they called me back.

A day after Tipsters started calling me from "Indore. M.P. I totally loved having fun with them, one of the calls went like this today.

Tipster: Good evening sir. hnmm,…na… Good Morning sir
(In hindi) I am Sachin calling from _______ advisory company, Indore, M.P

Me: F*** ur advisory ( I can see the number on mobile so I knew who was it)

Tipster: Sorry sir… (Hindi) Do u trade in commodities, stock,

Me: F**** ur trading

Tipster: Sorry Sir: (Hindi) Do you speak Hindi

Me: F**** Ur _______

Tipster: Wht?.. (English) Do you speak English

Me: F**** Ur English

Tipster: (Again) Sir… Do u speak English or Hindi

ME: F*** urself

Tipster: Sir which language do u speak

ME: F*** Urself

Tipster: Wht I cant understand… Software Sales …( Wtf… how did he hear “F*** urself” as "Sofware sales’)

Me: F*** Urself

Tipster: what software sales sir…

Me: F*** urself

(After repeat of the same thing for few minutes… Tipster disconnected)

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I used to accept the calls from these guys and leave the line open and place the phone near a high volume speaker.These guys have irritated a lot…

Good Idea…

I generally use F*** word from starting to end and then block their number

Best is just hold the line and stay silent. Waste their time :slight_smile:

This is Kunal Kamra level funny.

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I usually ask them Kalyan numbers.

LOL,… This is hilarious top to bottom… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy: :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: