Fund Transfer by UPI

Is it possible to transfer the funds via UPI (BHIM) ? What is the UPI id ? Please note NEFT/IMPS are not that real time, so not reliable for trading. Some time they get rejected / you may loose good opportunity. Why there is no instant transfer (via Zerodha) for canara bank ? By when you will enable it ?

Whenever you transfer funds to Zerodha, there is no way for us to identify the source account number which makes it hard for us to map the funds. Having said that we are exploring possibilities.

I never face any problems for my fund transfer to my Trading account .
It’s very fast. I just click on okay and It reflect in my Trading account in Just fractions of seconds.
I have done this many times and took positions in Intraday.
I Use SBI.

Why there is no instant transfer (via Zerodha) for canara bank ? By when you will enable it ?

I have account in Canara, it takes lot of time to transfer…

Awaiting for response

You can transfer funds instantly via IMPS. You can find the beneficiary details here.

Why can’t Zerodha perform a pull request (Collect transaction) using UPI? Pull request are possible in UPI. I believe this should solve the problem.

They have some excuse for not implementing this

We should have UPI transfers pretty soon.

Great, waiting for that…

BitBNS a cryptocurrency exchange platform has implemented this feature, We can transfer money to trading account using UPI. Please look into it…

One can transfer from UPI an app, say Tez or BHIM, using the account number + IFSC option.
Use Zerodha’s a/c number (alternate account details)) from while doing so.

I use this option to save NEFT charges of the bank.

NEFT tfr is not instant, takes time, I am looking for UPI which is almost real time

Apart from NEFT, there is one more thing called IMPS. This is real time and I’m using this. Check with your Canara Bank for IMPS.

Hey. We’ve enabled UPI transfers to the trading account now. Check out how it works here.

Waiting for that.

Good trick; thanks.