Fundamental analysis for in currency / commodity trading?

  1. what points to consider ?

  2. is it any useful for short-term , intraday / intraweek trading sessions ?

  3. any quick easy steps for the same ?

In Currency (INR) only Macro Economics data effect fundamentally.

Data like Current Account Deficit, Trade Balance data, Data from RBI like Repo rate, CRR, etc. Forex reserve data came every Friday at 5 pm after Currency trading is close. Inflation data like CPI, WPI.. Taxation Policy, Relation between India and other major countries... All factor should be consider as fundamental factor in INR..

Commodity (MCX)

In MCX different data came at different time.

Natural Gas: Every Thursday 8 pm USA release there Inventory Data as USA is largest Consumer of Natural Gas in the world and Russia is Largest Producer of the same.

Crude Oil: Every Wednesday​ at 8 pm USA realse the Inventory Data of there Inventory on Crude Oil.

(both Event are subject to change as per prior notice so u can visit

Base Metal (Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc): London Metal Exchange (LME) release Base Metal Inventory Data every day.There is very less impact on price for that time LME inventory data published at 09.00 each morning (London time). which is 2 pm IST everyday. Copper is most volatile when data Industrial data released by China, housing data also effect on copper and aluminum.

Precious Metals (Gold & Silver): Gold and Silver (G&S) are most volatile on fundamental data which released either international or in India. Data like Inflation, Unemployment, any country financial health (debt, CAD,etc) GDP of Major country Include India and china, housing data, Interest Rate...

Every Wednesday exactly 8 pm there is a quick price change and increase in Volume in Crude Oil. 15-25 points change can be seen with 5 seconds from 7:59:59 - 8:00:04. some people enter into trade before 7.59. some people enter into trade after 8.03... some safe trade book profit or loss before 7.45pm.

same happens every thusday on Natural Gas. but the price change is from 1.30-2.70 within 5 seconds.

At this time many traders earn profit in seconds. some novice loss more money than the earn entire week...


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Professional Forex traders have long known that trading currencies requires looking beyond the world of Forex trading. The fact is that currencies are moved by many factors - supply and demand, politics, interest rates, economic growth, and so on. More specifically, since economic growth and exports are directly related to a country’s domestic industry, it is natural for some currencies to be heavily correlated with commodity prices. MMF Solutions blog gives you detailed description about the forex trading tips.

can u pls explain housing policy ?
i did not understand how to use forex factory .

Forex factory is website in which you can see the economic data calendar… Means you can see which data coming at what time…
Housing data will effect on copper and gold… It reflect that how many house started to build (copper will effect) and how many were sold (gold will effect)…

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