Fundamental analysis

Can anyone give a fundamantel analysis on “opto circuits” for investment purpose ? Please Help.

Most of the analysis for opto circuits is given in this post.

Looks like a steep mountain range to me.

It’s a loss making company that is currently below its book value. Fundamentally very weak at the moment. If you believe that for some reason the company will turn around positively soon then it’s a different story, otherwise you can look at many other great investment options that are available in the market, that have good fundamentals.

Note: This is my personal opinion

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Fundamental Analysis is the strategy to an analysis of the behaviour of the overall performance and attributes of the company is done by the analyst. As an investor, before invested in a binary option you are obviously interested in knowing about the condition of the balance sheet, income statement and the cash flow statement of the company.The other factor that you should check include the employee satisfaction regarding the company. Risk management is important and an investor can take beneficiary trading tips like stock tips, option tips and much more help trader to control their risk in a smart way.

@meliwakirti, a nice ad I must say:)

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