Fundamental course

What information we can seek or what kind of question we can ask before starting a stock market fundamental course???

Fundamental course Or fundamental analysis? Sorry! Question seems incomplete.

For eg

Mr A. wants to start a course from Mr B to learn about fundamental analysis

So what question should mr a ask to mr b b4 enrolling for the course

I mean fundamental analysis course

Lol! Just ask Mr A to show his statement before beginning of the course.

Well, FA subject covers extensive analysis in various aspects of any business. In short, While going through FA, It gives better picture of current financial situation of the company. However, Completely relying on FA is not recommended.

This link might help you to know insight of FA.

And what information can be seeked before starting a stock market beginners course??


Fundamental course wnt help
For fundamental analysis, the cos. data must be correct and all website data is manipulated. You cant have correct data as cos. show it Only to BIG investors who invest in co. as its in cos. interest.
So better nt to take trades by analysing co. fundamentals.

Check Zerodha Varsity

Check Moneybee Youtube channel, they have videos on fundamental analysis

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Fundamental analysis is one of the most important analysis for stock trading. However, it requires significant knowledge on finance and accounting standards in order fully to understand statements of one company. There is creative accounting but it can be clearly visible for experienced analysts