Funniest posts/replies in Trading QnA - An Interesting Discussion

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Let me start this
This is the question that I found funny → Career options in financial markets

Nothing is wrong with the question but have a look at the reply.

Look at that first reply, IDK if he’s serious in answering that question or not.
But just read it. He’s advising some option trading strategy (which will not work) to a person who is asking career advice :joy: Haha.
I found this funny .

You all can share the ones that you found funny / illogical etc

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You are clearly bored on a Saturday. :rofl::rofl:

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That’s true :joy:
We must enjoy life by having fun like this.

Hey, don’t tag Nithin for random things, you should understand he is CEO of the company and tag him when it is really required.


I apologize, but I thought that this can be like a competition ? Like the one that was conducted before “Sharing trading strategy” ?
Here, there is no requirement for cash award etc… but this will be fun ? Isn’t this idea cool ? Somewhat different from all the serious discussion about the markets.
When the markets are at all time high, it’s time for us to have fun like this before it’s too late :joy:
What do you all say ?

I figured. All the latest posts had your replies. Some on posts which were 5 years old.

Do something else which isn’t related to market. Give it a break. There are a lot of things other than stock market.

That’s why I started this “Funniest posts/replies”. This isn’t related to markets.

Soo, no one has any fun thing to share ?

OK Let us have some fun .
HongKong propery index limit down possibly today.
They are sealing the door to all the highrise building roof’s & shuttering the windows! just kidding.
Evergrande another limit down. Monday & Tueday china holiday.
Thursday Evergrenade supposed to pay Interest on $ bonds & Interest coupon on domestic Yuan denominated debt bonds.
Not going to happen.
Infestors are jumping the sinking ship when they still can :grinning:

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Wow, that makes no sense. What’s wrong with the people here ?
They just randomly flag posts, thus making this forum worse.

The @moderators need to do something to stop this.

Adding to the list →

Another one →

Another one →

Adding to the list…continued
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