Future and option

if the option not exercised on expiry day than what will b the Chagres for the same?

If you leave your Option to expire, and your position expires Out of the Money it will expire worthless, no charges.

If your position expires In The Money, if you are a Buyer of Option there will be additional STT charged at 0.125% of the Intrinsic Value.

No additional STT if you are Seller of the Option as STT is already charged when you sell.

ok thanks shubham ji …and my long call option is out of the money may be expire with same so I don’t square of my position …which I will lose my entire premium but not be leaved with charges …got it

As you bought the Option, brokerage charges will be levied for Buy side of the transaction, since you left it to expire there will be no charges on Sell side.

But doesn’t leaving f&o to expire means that one needs to take delivery?

but the expiry is today itself and option is out of money so not square off position than option expire worthless

yes thanks [email protected]😊 as always do

One has to only if Option expires ITM, if it expires OTM, there is no obligation to take delivery, the Option expires worthless.

Also, Index F&O are cash settled. Physical Settlement obligation is only for Stock F&O.