Future and options margin

My simple query is: For example: I start my 1st day trade at Zerodha with an amount of 8000/- (just example)


  1. 24000 BANKNIFTY call option @ 100 live price SUPPOSE

  2. with my 8000 a/c balance I can buy (40 lot size ) INTRADAY - 2 LOTS

40 X 100= 4000/- ( 2 LOTS COST 8000/-)

Its OK but if I am buying the calls with my money…then what the zerodha is funding me or giving INTRADAY margin for me.

No margin for option buying

For MIS product type you will not get any leverage on option buying, In case of BO OR CO product type then you will get the leverage of options buying.

Ex : 24000 CE trading at 100* 40 = 4000.

For buying options in CO & BO margins required is 70% of the total amount.

For Buying margin required in CO & BO is 2800 ( I.e is 70% of the total amount).
Max stop loss is 20% of 100 which is 20 points.