Future contract volume delivery percentage

Where can I refer future contract volume delivery percentage?

There is no concept for delivery volume for futures, can check this varsity module on futures.

You can consider the change in open interest as an addition of positions in the futures.

@siva can you please clarify the following:

Is there a chance to know the number of new long positions/ short positions that are created today and carried forward as positional.

Open positions yesterday - 100
Positions closed from yesterday’s open - 20
New positions created today ( not closed today itself) - 50
Closed open positions - 130
I want to know the number 50. can I ?

Don’t think so,OI, change in OI is the closest things which makes sense.

How to know there will be seller available for contract. If one has large quantities of contract ?

See market depth, also depends on which contract and which month.