Future margin query

Hi ,

This is related to Futre Margin query and related to recent incident of Sintex .

Suppose if i brought Sintex Future one lot @ Rs 110 of next month and due to some reasons if the price crashed to Rs 10 or Rs 15 next day . Considering lot size is 7000 which mean approx 7L i need to pay up or loss as of now .

Just want to to know is there any way , i mean by default in the zerodha system that if my invested future money becomes zero due to any reasons , whether mine appropriate stock future will be squared off ? or if i want to do like this what should i do .

Because i may not able to keep daily stop loss of any future contract and i am expecting the zerodha system to take care of this to reduce huge loss of the contract . Sometimes there will not be any scope to keep the stoploss or before the market opens it may go down significantly or if i keep stoploss and gap down sharp movement will not catch the stop loss too .

Hope i am not confused

1 Positions which do not have sufficient funds can be cut any time at the discretion of our RMS desk. There will be no margin calls or intimation from our RMS desk.
2 All positions will be subject to square off if your losses exceed 50% of the available funds in your account. This will be done at the discretion of our RMS team and there will be no margin call.

These are two such points in Zerodha’s policies and procedures which explain when auto square off works. I too hope to get an explanation with an example from a Zerodha team member.