Future stock price

Which stock, current month future greater than next month future? How to find easy way?


I understand what you are looking for - arbitrage opportunities. You can check a list that MoneyControl maintains in real time. Although, it is a comparison of spot with near/next/far future - and not near future to far future … but I am sure you will boil down to this as a more useful matrix.

Although, if really the task is to compare one future with the another calendar month future … take a dump in excel of near/next/far and implement a vlookup … Just giving you the starting point …


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Hello sir,
I want future to future, not cash/spot v/s future…
Pl.send other link if possible…

Ok Hetal,

I am giving you my secret - FO Archives :wink: Just kidding …
Get a bhavcopy from there … You still have to work your way through understanding that file and then building a mechanism to compare across but should be doable with vlookup and google spreadsheets.