Futures Spread order contracts for M1-M2

Long back NSE introduced Futures Spread order contracts for M1-M2 etc. (e.g.Nifty Futures M1-M2)
Not sure why it has not been reflecting on Zerodha platforms so far (Kite, Pi)? It’s very helpful to rollover & to curtail the execution risk.

We are working on baskets, once that is live we can enter/exit simultaneously using multiple legs.

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Basket is not the same as a spread order. In spread order, the execution at the spread price is guaranteed. In basket its not guaranteed. Please let me know if I am mistaken.

You are right, it is not guaranteed, but atleast multiple legs can be placed at a time, no issue with market orders but limit execution is not guaranteed.

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By when it’s available since it is one of the most awaited feature?

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Working on this, as this is a big change this will take time, hopefully in next 2 months.