Futures trading 2 lots

Scenario is this:

Suppose, I buy nifty futures at 8000. When nifty is at 8100, I want to sell and take the opposite position. In this case, I’m unable to sell of 200 directly in one shot. It allows sell of 100 followed by another 100. This means 2 executed trades resulting in double overhead (brokerage, stt etc…). This is specifically true when you are trading based on Trading tools.

If I have the margins required for 200, then it goes thru’ without issue (as expected!).

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Firstly Tarakesh, STT, service tax, stamp, etc are all charged on volume, so it wouldn’t really make a difference if it got executed in one order of two. Yes brokerage at Zerodha would be higher as we charge per executed order. The only way you will be able to do this is if you have margins for 200.

Tarakesh, Nice question, Could you explain a bit more?
You buy NIFTY Futures Qty 200 (4 lots) at 8000, LONG
At 8100 you want to sell all 200 Qty (4 lots), SQR OFF
Then take a new Sell Position at 8100 for Qty 200 (4 lots), SHORT
But it is not allowing and allows only 100 Qty? What does it mean?