G-sec and interests..and payout date

I am holding gsec 754GS2036-GS and 618GS2024-GS.I DIDN’T GET ANY INTEREST IN TO MY ACCOUNT. Actually 4th November was interest date for 618GS2024-GS and 20th November for 754GS2036-GS.when i will get. Any idea.

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Hi @ANAS20T20

It generally takes around 15 working days from the interest date for the credit to take place, as there were holidays in between for Diwali, Would request you to wait for a couple of days and if the credit still doesn’t happen, create a ticket at support.zerodha.com so that our team will follow up the same with CDSL

I have multiple tranche of G_Sec how do i check in the bank statement if i got the interest from the government? Any keywords to look for? @Meher_Smaran

You get an email from [email protected] to your registered email id whenever an interest payout is done.


interest date of 20th November for 754GS2036-GS if sell 21st can i get interest ?
any idea… how much we need to hold ?

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I’ve never received any effrontery this account. Though I’ve received some amount credited in my bank account.
I’m not sure how many of bonds have paid the interest. Is there any other way to track the interest payment?
Also is there any way to find the interest payer through the reference no/description of the bank statement?