Gail buyback confusion - entitlement quantity low as per email

Entitlement offer says less than 100 shares but I had more in the demat on record date.
So questions…

  1. Can I tender more than my entitlement ? (I guess entitlement means guaranteed no. of shares they will buy from me correct? but they can buy more?
  2. On console it is asking me to enter qty so lets say I enter only entitlement qty today can I tender more lets say after couple of day and few more on the last day of buyback window i.e. 7th June 22?
  3. if above is true that I can tender in tranches - every time 20 Rs. will apply ? are there any other chargers?
  4. when will be get the money from the sell and when will we get shares back in demat that are not accepted ? also is there any advantage of tendering them on early and not wait till last day ?

Yes, you can tender more shares than your entitlement. If you tender more shares than your entitlement, whether these additional shares will be accepted for buyback or not will solely depend on the acceptance ratio decided by the company. The shares which are not accepted will be credited back to your demat account by the RTA.

On Console, the first order window is open until 3rd June 2022, the order you place will be submitted to the exchange once the order window closes. Before that you can modify the quantity tendered as many times as you wish, it’ll be considered one order only, so charges will be Rs. 20 + GST.

The second order window will be open once this one closes, if you wish to tender more shares, you can place another order. This will be considered a separate order.

Since the Buyback of shares takes place through the settlement mechanism of the Stock Exchange,
Securities Transaction Tax at 0.1% of the value of the transaction will be applicable.

Tendering shares early in the buyback or later on doesn’t have any impact on the acceptance of shares. The credit of funds for accepted shares and credit of unaccepted shares to demat account will happen by 16th June 2022.

You can check more information on the Letter of Offer filed by GAIL:


So one can ignore the 1st order window/deadline - dont tender any shares during this 1st window and choose to tender only during the 2nd window?
any consequences if one does that?

You can do this as well. No consequences.

Is this order window concept specific to Zerodha as order closure date is 7th Jun? Is there any logic between 2nd window starting date and buyback closure date - 2 working days etc…?

We tendered shares on 6th during market hours and it showed order placed - but today I checked - it shows no bids - is this a technical glitch - what should we do?

The buyback order for GAIL has been placed at the exchange and shares have been debited from the demat account. Your GAIL holdings will be reduced by the number of shares tendered and will not reflect in Kite and Console holdings. You would’ve received email informing about the same.

Hi Shub,

I have applied for the GAIL buy back which closed yesterday. When can I expect the funds to be credited to my bank account?

The credit of funds to your bank account for accepted shares will be done by 16th June. Also, any unaccepted shares will be credited back to your demat account on this date,

Thank you

I got a debit message of GAIL shares (all shares tendered - tendered more than acceptance ratio) from Zerodha demat account today. Not sure why the entire qty of shares tendered were debited, were only the shares accepted to be debited from our account?
Ideally today were we supposed to get the unaccepted GAIL shares back?
Anyone else got the debit message of shares today?

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