Galaxy ipo scrip name?

What is galaxy ipo scrip name in kite ?


Code: 540935

But you won’t find it on Kite atleast for now because it is not listed yet.

GALAXYSURF commencement of trading of the Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges: On or about Feb 8, 2018.

Refer this link for more info

If this stock is allotted to you through IPO, then it will show in the kite holdings on listing day morning before 8 am. On same day you could add this scrip in kite market watch from NSE or BSE exch and you can place BUY or SELL order.

Listing of Equity Share of Galaxy Surfactants Limited (IPO) on February 8, 2018


But today not see in search bar galaxysurf

You just type Galaxysurf in the KITE market watch search box, you will get this scrip.