Gap up/down: what happens to stop loss limit(SL-L) order?


If i go long at 8600 with target at 8620 and stoploss limit order(SL-L) at 8595 on  day "T" during market hours only(not AMO, product type: NRML).

If markets open on T+1 th day at 8580(A gap down), then what happens to my stoploss?

Will my stoploss order would be executedat specified price??

Would order size matter(say 30 lots) for my order filling?

Your order will be closed on T day if SL-L is not satisfied. There will be no pending order for T+1 Day.

I am swing trader who holds on to the positions for weeks before exiting them.
Do i have to place the new stoploss order on every day?
what is the good order type to protect my profits or to limit the losses?

You will have to place SL orders everyday. If you want you can semi-automate this, by writing scripts(I don’t have much experience in this). Use Trailing SL every morning, that should be good for you.