Gap up gap down

Hi Guys!! @Streak

I just needed help on how to create a gap up/gap down Strategy

so I want these conditions,

  1. Time frame 1 Minute
  2. Gap up in any stock
  3. Open = Low
  4. Opening Range Volume higher than Previous 10
    candle averages Volume (1 min time Frame)

Entry:- first candle high (opening range 1 min candle)

Target:- 1%

SL:- first candle low

and vise versa

Hi @Nilesh_Jethva

You can use this condition

You have to mention a Target and an SL in any strategy in Streak. Since you do not have a specific SL, the SL have been set far away at 35 so that it does not get triggered.

Also, note that the moving average volume will move as and when time passes and live candle forms. Currently, you cannot set moving average volume for specific canldes.