General discussion on "supertrend" indicator?

some queries regarding SUPERTREND indicator on KITE .

  1. is it best to use it for derivatives trade or only equity delivery ?

  2. shall it be used as a sole-indicator to take our trades or as an addon simply to confirm the trades / decreasing whipsaws ?

please also share personal trading experience with this indicator.

thank you

As Super trend is trending indicator that can be used to identify if the price is in an upward or downward trend. It is best use for checking the trend for all the segments.


Hi Fellow Trader,

My experience with the super Trend indicator:

Shows a change in trend and direction of price.

Useful for positional trading, short term investment strategies like 2 to 12 weeks

Use SUPER TREND INDICATOR together with PARABOLIC SAR INDICATOR crossover as a second confirmation.


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shall we use it for positional trades / swing trades / high frequency intraday trading ?

thank you mr.portfolioplus911 … i am intraday futures trader . how to use this for my intraday futures trading ?

Hi Trader,
Not sure if the same works on Futures AND Options trading. The above setup very useful for Equity short term positional trading.