General Insurance IPO allocation

I have bidded for General Insurance IPO in Lower price band of 855 Rs . I didnt get any allocation. Looks like the price is determined at 867. Is this why i didnt get allocation ?

I am retail Investor and the retail catergory was not even got 50 % subscribtion. So price comes first before category allocation ?

I bid for 224 shares at cut off and got allocated fully. So i guess you have to figure whether to put a specific bid price or just leave it for the IPO bidding algorithm to figure out since you will always be bound by the upper band of the IPO.

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Since your bid was below the discount price of 867 for retail category , it is better to bid at cutoff price , if you want to get allocation , as most of the IPO prices will be at cutoff price only

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You want to bid at the upper price band(905 for GIC in this case) ?. If i bid for upper price band in which price shares will be allocated at the arrived price 867 or 905 which i bidded for.

Its not like that , price band was 955 to 912, since it was a Govt IPO for retail customers , Rs 45 discount was given,
Once final price is fixed (In almost all IPO only upper band will be considered, simply because they will get more money, so price band is just to attract investors) based on that, discount will be given, in General Insurance IPO price fixed at 912 and discounted price was 867
I applied for 64 nos, at cutoff (912) and got allotted

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Thanks :slight_smile:

For new india insurance ipo. I appied ar cutoff price but didn’t get the share at discount price. How to get discount money back. Or how does it work. Even it says for retail customer discount was 20rs per share. Then why i didnt get discount price share.

Let me know how many numbers of shares and at what price, you are applied for New India insurance IPO , so that i can find out the details

Price band was 770- 800, For retailers & employees discount per share was Rs 30 , Final price was 800 so for retailers price per share was 770 ( discount Rs 30 on final price ) .If any body applied more 250 shares or worth more than 2lk are not considered as Retailer so if anybody applied and got allotment will not get discount.

I appied for 54 shared. money deducted is 54*770
But yesterday it got listed at 748 instead of 770 rs, then what was the purpose of getting share via IPO, . It clear loss of 20rs per share. Now the way it is giving performance in market. Full lose, should i wait for sell or sell it now. I do not trade much, just started by IPO.