general Query regarding Transfer of securities

Hello Experts,

I currently have demat account with IndiaNivesh, which has shut its offices and operation from April. I wish to transfer my securities and credit balance from that demat account to a new demat account with Zerodha. Please guide me whether it is possible to do the same and if yes, please lay down the procedure and formalities.

For normal cases this should do, I am not sure how it works in this case, @mohitmehra do you have any idea?


You will have to request IndiaNivesh to transfer your funds to your mapped bank account.

The securities you’re holding with IndiaNivesh will have to be transferred using the Closure-cum-transfer form or if you are able to access your demat account using Speed-e or Easiest you can make an off-market transfer to your Zerodha demat account.

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So now Zerodha accepts CDSL easiest transfer …in other words now one can add Zerodha as trusted user?