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how do (and from whom) the people/company like : facebook , silver lake , vista , atlantic , kkr etc ; buy the JIO shares ?

suppose e.g. ; i also have 100 crores net worth then ; how can the people like you and me buy these shares ?


This is a private transaction. Similar to how VC’s and PEs invest into startups. You’d have to reach out to Mukesh Ambani saying you wish to invest and he has to allow you to. Maybe you had 10000 crores he’d be interested ;).


@nithin since Zerodha is public company now are there its shares in market,I mean the employees or its partners looking to cash out.

No, there are no shares in the market. Employees hold stock options, we haven’t converted them into shares. We run a buyback scheme for the employees who want to cash out.

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Amazon in talks to buy 2 billion stake in bharti airtel !