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how do (and from whom) the people/company like : facebook , silver lake , vista , atlantic , kkr etc ; buy the JIO shares ?

suppose e.g. ; i also have 100 crores net worth then ; how can the people like you and me buy these shares ?


This is a private transaction. Similar to how VC’s and PEs invest into startups. You’d have to reach out to Mukesh Ambani saying you wish to invest and he has to allow you to. Maybe you had 10000 crores he’d be interested ;).


@nithin since Zerodha is public company now are there its shares in market,I mean the employees or its partners looking to cash out.

No, there are no shares in the market. Employees hold stock options, we haven’t converted them into shares. We run a buyback scheme for the employees who want to cash out.

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Amazon in talks to buy 2 billion stake in bharti airtel !

I want to day trade in US market from India, I opened my account on interactive brokers but now, they say I am not eligible for Margin account, only cash account. I contacted TD Ameritrade also, they also restricted me to just cash account.
I was really excited to day trade in US but now I am really sad to know it. Day trading without margin seems very tough or practically not possible as it take 3 days to settle stocks with cash account without any leverage.

I now read about the RBI guidelines for Indians that they are not allowed to day trade in US. But I was really interested to day trade in that market for better possibilities. Can I get a special exemption from this guideline, or any technique or way you know, cause I had really invested so much to learn day trade in US and now I am really feeling discouraged.

There’s nothing to feel discouraged about, whatever time you have invested in learning day trading on US Markets same study can work on Indian market as well.

Thanks Shubh.

But the possibilities to earn more are more in US market compared to Indian market with same no of shares because of difference of the strength of the two currencies. There is a difference in volume and liquidity for bigger lots.

I learnt to trade in a stock with small public floats (less then 20 million or ideally 10 million) with some good news, as demand takes over the supply so the price just goes up rapidly. The stocks like Apple, Tesla etc usually are not good for day trading because of very large public floats.

But the problem with Indian community is that the fundamental that I learnt seems not applicable in NSE or BSE as here just nobody even talks about low float stocks (Day trading only works with crowd mentality) and here the hot stocks for day trading are those in NIFTY 50 (the Indian equivalent of stocks like Apple and Tesla) and they always have public float of more then 1 billion and that’s the reason here in India we only see a change of 2-3% in hot stocks whereas in NYSE or NASDAQ the possibilities of change is not limited I see active stocks make a change of up to 300% in a day. So it’s really easy to get just 4-5% out of 300%. I accept the risk also increases with the Reward. So my studies don’t seem to work here.


What do you guys think about the today’s nifty fall? Can there be a further fall tomorrow or will the market test 10500 again?


Ahy don’t you day-trade using cash account? It works for me, I don’t use margin

Bro could shed some light on the following topics:

  1. Taxes ( ie, are we supposed to pay taxes for both the countries)
  2. Can we link our Indian bank account with the broker.