Geo Political risk for Indian markets

Geopolitical risk. I am not talking about Global geo politics. Its here . in india.

Southern states are being robbed blind and the issue is already snowballing into a major topic in social media. If the issue spills over to the streets of southern cities, I am afraid we heading for a major market correction.

You are talking as if this is something new and only specific to Indian states. Take any country for that matter you will find the lagging states are obviously beneficiary of being in the union with other states. besides just because southern states are paying more tax than what the state government gets back in return doesn’t mean they are not indirectly benefited with cheap labor because of immigrants from other states. Also just because a state is lagging behind today doesn’t mean other states should abandon it and form some other union maybe they will pick up growth in future because of government policies or some other geopolitical reason. The best we can do as an Indians is to support each other so that we grow as a nation and maybe in future because education and awareness the population will come down. Atleast that’s what people like Bill Gates think.

Simple example is family, just because your sibling is not able to earn today doesn’t mean you should kick them out of family instead best is to support them so that they develop into a better individual.

I am talking about the effect of this political issue on stock markets.

BTW. what nation r u talking about. India is combination of many nations if we go by the following definition.

noun: nation; plural noun: nations
a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.

Even I was talking about effect on stock market. This is not something new It’s been like this for quite some time if I remember correctly. I don’t think this news will have any effect on the markets.

yeah. this is one of the long running issue.

But this time around i see regional political leaders throwing weight behind this issue in co ordination. That could easily snowball in to a major issue in an election year.

as far as i know, market react to only sudden news, slow changes are countable only if they are of specific corporate.